Party Picnics

Our party picnics are suitable for all kinds of events and are designed around a low table with floor cushions. Each event is created around your chosen theme or colour scheme. All bookings include a basic balloon garland in colours of your choice and you can also add a teepee or festoon poles to suit your event. We also have a few different sized tables to suit your numbers and venue. 
















SMALL (up to 6) £90

rustic wooden table 120 x 80cms + space for floor cushions


Teepee dressed with balloons

Table dressed and laid for up to 6

MEDIUM (6-8) £120

Rustic table top 150 x 90cms + space for floor cushions 

This table is great for informal dining with space for sharing platters 


Teepee dressed with balloons 

Table dressed and laid for up to 8 

LARGE £140

2X large tables 300 x 90cm + space for floor cushions

seating up to 14

teepee dressed with balloons 

table decorated and laid for up to 14. 


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